Our Puzzles

Espionage Escape

2-6 players.

Agent N15 has gone dark. In one of his final transmissions we received intel that he located the film negatives somewhere in Dr. Ohno's study. We know that the evil Dr. Ohno has stolen extremely valuable film negatives that could destroy our entire spy network. Agent N15 was close to recovering the negatives before all communication suddenly ended. We are sending you to his last known location, Dr. Ohno's study, to search for clues left by Agent N15 that will lead you to the negatives. You and your fellow agents will have exactly one hour to search the study while Dr. Ohno is gone getting his weekly mani-pedi. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to follow the clues left by Agent N15, recover the negatives and escape before Dr. Ohno returns. Be careful not to trip the alarms or his henchmen will capture you.

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Professor T.S. Babcock’s Mystery Machine


3-8 players.

In this adventure escape you will travel back in time to the Victorian era, to save your future. Professor T.S. Babcock's experiment has begun, and the final stage will occur in one hour. HOWEVER, the mystery machine has been sabotaged! You must find all the missing pieces, and fix the mystery machine before the experiment reaches its final stage. You have 60 minutes to do so. For your safety, be sure to exit the room before the final stage of the experiment begins. The mystery machine is very sensitive, and upsetting any part of the experiment will cause the count down to progress too quickly, and the final stage will happen too soon. If the mystery machine is not fixed, it will tear a hole in the space time continuum, and the universe as we know it will cease to exist.

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Mermaid’s Malaise


What is an Escape Room?


Do you enjoy old TV detective shows or modern reality shows where teams need to work together to solve a puzzle in an allotted amount of time? Escape Room MT is a unique interactive, entertainment experience where participants will attempt to solve puzzles and connect clues before the time runs out.

Escape Rooms are a worldwide phenomenon that have been gaining popularity in the United States. Escape Room MT will give participants the opportunity to select from 2 customized rooms, each with a unique goal to be solved within 1 hour. As the suspense and adrenaline builds, you will work as a team using your wits, intuition, logic, and communication with team members, but will you be one of the successful teams?

Escape Room MT appeals to a wide range of demographics including co-workers interested in team buildings, couples looking for an interesting date night, or a group of friends who want a challenge and laugh.