Q: What in the world is an escape room? I’ve never heard of it before.
A: An escape room is a unique interactive entertainment experience where participants attempt to solve puzzles and connect clues in a closed room before time runs out.

Q: Where are you located?
A: We are at 201 West Madison Ave in Belgrade, in the professional building #2 adjacent to Rosa’s Pizza.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: $20-$25 per person. No children’s pricing.

Q: When are you open?
A: Friday through Sunday. See the reservations page for available time slots. Contact us for corporate or special events outside our normal hours (fees may apply).

Q: How long will it take?
A: Please allow 90 minutes total. Each game has a 60 minute time limit, in addition to 15 minutes before and after the experience.

Q: What happens if I am late?
A: Please arrive 15 minutes before your reservation. Once the game has begun, no one will be permitted to enter the room. Sorry, no refunds or exchanges within 24 hours.

Q: Is the room really going to be locked?
A: No. Many escape rooms do lock the doors, but we feel this is a safety concern. We have designed our games such that a locked door is not necessary.

Q: How many people do I need to bring with me to participate?
A: Espionage Escape requires 2-6 people, Black Gold is 1-2 people, and Professor T.S. Babcock’s Mystery Machine is designed for 3-8 players.. If you want a room exclusively for you and your friends, you must purchase all available slots for that time, regardless of the size of your group. Otherwise any unfilled slots will remain available for someone else to purchase and participate.

Q: Can I go alone?
A: Yes, however there is a minimum of 2 players required for Espionage Escape, and 3 players for Professor T.S. Babcock’s Mystery Machine.  Games that do not have the minimum required players four hours before the start will be notified and subject to cancellation.

Q: What if I have more than the maximum number of people in my party?
A: Any more than the maximum number of people will detract from the game enjoyment, and is against fire code. You can break into smaller groups and reserve adjacent time slots. You can enjoy some food and drink at the Desert Rose three doors down while you wait for the rest of your group.

Q: Is there an age restriction?
No, but at least one responsible adult must be present in each group. There is no child pricing. Every person must pay admission. Due to the complexity of the clues, children under high-school age may be more of a distraction to the other participants.

Q: What do I need to bring?
A: Just a printout or electronic version of your booking confirmation.

Q: Can I dress up?
A: Sure! If you feel that it will enhance our game experience, go for it. However, we recommend you do not wear anything that covers your face, as communication is critical in solving the puzzles to escape.

Q: Do you have any tips or suggestions?
1. The surest way way to escape is by communicating openly with everyone else in the room. Share clues you’ve uncovered. Work together to solve puzzles. If you discover new information, be sure everyone in the room knows about it.
2. Follow the rules. Our staff will review the rules of the game with you before you being, which include:
-There is no need to lift or move heavy objects.
-Never use force to try to open locked items.
-Cell phones and other electronic devices will be collected and con not be used inside the room.
3. If you are planning to get some drinks while you are out with your friends, please plan to do this after the game, not before. You will want to have all of your brain cells working at 100% capacity while you are in the game. If members of your group appear to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol you will not be allowed to enter the room.